Coachella Connection & the Road to Sustainability

July 8, 2015

Amidst the roar of adoring fans, and the luminescent glow of stage lights, sustainability took center stage at Coachella 2015. The free-spirited festival atmosphere led creative minds to develop an untraditional approach to promoting the betterment of the Coachella Valley, namely by making sustainability interactive.


From offering carpool incentives, running contests to transform recycling bins into art, to providing an energy playground that let you seesaw to recharge your phone, the festival brought sustainability to life by engaging concert goers. When you think of a music festival, mounds of aftermath garbage probably come to mind, but at Coachella, trash can become art, and recyclables cashed in for Coachella swag.

This was Coachella’s 11th year partnering with Global Inheritance, a non-profit that develops experiences geared to educate, as well as inspire solutions. The goal? To provoke, inspire and change attitudes about the global challenges ahead.

ferris wheel 

As if by design, the desert setting of Coachella beckoned for a renewable energy solution. This year, festival planners dreamed up a completely carbon-neutral Coachella, self-sustaining and self-powered.

A place free of energy dependence. Today, Coachella. Tomorrow, the whole state of California.