Today's Tinkerers,
Tomorrow's Innovators

Innovation and technology are central to our business. That's why we are proud to join with FIRST to promote STEM education and inspire tomorrow's leaders.

Through our support and volunteer mentorship, we're working with FIRST to cultivate a brighter future ---encouraging the next generation of thinkers, tinkerers and doers to use their creativity to make the world a better place.

Inspiring Young Leaders

Meet the students of FIRST. These inspiring young minds work tirelessly to develop their capabilities in STEM, a critical component to our vision of a sustainable energy future.


Women in STEM Video

Supporting Women in STEM

STEM fields have traditionally been dominated by men, but the young women of FIRST are helping to bridge the gender gaps in these disciplines.


The Ultimate Sport for the Mind

A unique combination of sport and science, the FIRST Robotics Competition brings together students from across the globe to experience real-world engineering and problem solving.

With the help of our employee mentors, participants build industrial-sized robots and hone teamwork skills throughout a season-long competition that many call "the hardest fun you'll ever have."

Bringing on the "Coopertition"

Coopertition produces innovation. It's a philosophy based on kindness, mentorship, respect, and sharing – all in the face of fierce competition.


2016 Championship Recap Video

2017 Championship Explained

This year's season will culminate with the FIRST STEAMworks Championship, a steampunk themed celebration where tens of thousands of students – and their robots – will compete for the ultimate prize.


FIRST Inspires