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The On-Site Solar Playbook:
A Practical Guide for Corporate Sustainability Leaders

August 13, 2017

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Sustainability executives are leading the charge on corporate renewable energy purchasing across the United States. The rise of renewable energy is encouraging new companies to get into the game, but many do not know where to start. Market maturation has brought about a variety of new purchasing options, and first-time buyers can find the process difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, sustainability leaders are uniquely positioned to clarify priorities and shepherd a renewable energy proposal through their corporate approval process. Sustainability serves as the hub connecting internal stakeholders that will need to be involved at various stages of the project.

This playbook provides practical advice for implementing on-site solar, which includes roof, ground, and carport arrays at corporate facilities and properties. After reading the playbook, you should understand:

  • Major trends affecting the market for on-site solar
  • Purchasing options available to your company
  • The business case for on-site solar
  • Strategies for engaging internal stakeholders
  • Steps to managing an on-site solar program from start to finish

Today’s leaders in on-site solar managed to dramatically scale their programs in just a few years, proving that newcomers can achieve dramatic results relatively quickly. This playbook draws on lessons learned from industry leaders to help you accelerate progress, avoid common pitfalls, and successfully manage a program that delivers both financial and sustainability results.

The On-Site Solar Playbook:

A White Paper for Corporate Sustainability Leaders

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