Visionary curriculum


Visionary curriculum

Committed to excellence in research that impacts social change, Arizona State University is transforming higher education and the responsibility it has to the global community. A New American University is the goal.

The vision - to find and share knowledge that addresses the major challenges we face and achieve change in our world.


A legacy of purpose

With his sights set on a New American University, one trailblazer has led the largest public university to the front lines of combating global climate change to ensure a more sustainable future.

"While college and university campuses across the country are, in aggregate, responsible for only about 3% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted by the U.S., we are educating 100% of our future political, business, and social leaders. This fact alone places significant accountability on higher education and its leaders to take action."

- Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University

Campus life to the real world

After a baseline emissions inventory in 2007, ASU's "business as usual" would mean¹:

Goal: 100% carbon neutral by 2025

ASU enacted a Carbon Neutrality Action Plan - serving as a catalyst for change of the campus but more importantly, serving as a model to the world.

¹Arizona State University's Carbon Neutrality Action Plan, January 2010, p. 11.


Solar power is a game changer

The state's abundance of sunshine provided a renewable energy source, and NRG provided customized, innovative solar installations to transform 31 sites across four ASU campuses. Students witnessed real-time carbon footprint reduction at locations all across campus - sport complexes, parking structures, academic buildings, administration offices, maintenance facilities, and the list goes on.


"It's become THE most popular place for people to park because of the shaded parking. But it's also become one of the most popular places of people to tailgate before Sun Devil football games."


- Ray Jensen, Associate Vice President University Business Services & University Sustainability Officer for Operations, Arizona State University


Tomorrow's forecast: sunny and bright

ASU is on its way to becoming completely carbon neutral by 2025.


"I came to ASU because I knew that I wanted to be involved in business, and I wanted to make a difference. And what better way to make a difference in the business world than to help the planet and to help everyone involved."

- Chelsi Tyron, Graduate Student, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University

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