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Tapping Into the Benefits of Energy Curtailment

December 5, 2017

For years, the premise behind the idea of reducing your company’s energy use has been simple and easily appreciated: If you use less, you’ll pay less. Now, that equation is being expanded in meaningful ways. First, with programs that pay companies for using less during times of peak grid loads (demand response).  And second, with emerging tools, knowledge and technologies that can take the idea of energy reduction to an even higher level – by minimizing the disruption on day-to-day operations and bringing a broader set benefits to the table, as well.

In this way, the tactical impact of demand response is elevated to the even bigger concept of energy curtailment. Key to all of this is deeply rooted knowledge of your company’s energy usage. From here, the right mix of technologies and solutions can be put together to maximize cost-savings, efficiency, control and resilience.

What’s also needed is a knowledgeable energy partner – someone with the diligence to closely examine your company’s enery situation and with the perspective to apply the right blend of solutions. That’s where our NRG Advisory Services teams comes in. They are well-versed in working with energy users from businesses of all types, turning the “use less” mantra into something customized, sophisticated and impactful. The result? Energy reduction for sure, but also a full 360 energy management solution tailored to your company’s energy needs through demand response and onsite generation, all backed by a thorough analysis of your utility bills and energy requirements.

Embracing energy curtailment can turn your company into a flexible energy consumer, setting you up to react quickly and take advantage of changes in the energy market. One example – reducing electricity use voluntarily during periods of demand challenges on the electric grid, like those that lead to brownouts. With energy curtailment practices in place, our team can help you more efficiently manage the operational needs of your company and maximize the financial incentives for doing so.

Embracing Energy Curtailment

As demand response programs take hold and evolve into a bigger solution, measurement is a key driver. Like anything in business, what gets measured becomes the catalyst for what gets done. NRG Curtailment Solutions/Distributed Energy Resources (NRGCS/DER) works with companies in monitoring and managing energy surges, reducing costs and energy use, and pinpointing capacity or reserve issues. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that by 2025, the industrial sector’s energy consumption will exceed 36 percent. However, it also notes that the sector can reduce energy consumption by 15 percent through energy efficiency efforts, including those put in place as part of an energy curtailment strategy.

The barriers to adoption of these programs include lack of awareness of opportunities to increase energy efficiency and gaining access to the corresponding incentives. But there are ways to shift any corporate mindset. Being proactive and planning ahead is an important part of energy curtailment, along with leaning on experts to put it all in place with an approach suited to your company’s situation.

As the right idea becomes the right solution, the value of NRG’s long-standing position in the energy industry can take hold in other ways, too. One emerging example is through a concept called Asset-backed Demand Response. Here, in addition to a use-less approach, the solution can also incorporate and install a customized onsite generation system – this is how an added measure of control can be integrated into the solution. Plus, the generation equipment is owned, installed and maintained by NRG, allowing you to focus on your business needs, not your energy systems. Even better, savings generated from a demand response program can be utilized to pay for the onsite system, while providing the business owner with reliable emergency power.

Industrial Diesel Generator. Standby generator. Industrial Diesel Generator for Office Building connected to the Control Panel with Cable Wire. Backup Generator Power.

Wider monitoring, effective managing, and seamless energy reductions take time and practice. They also require a knowledge-based approach to fully benefit from a broader energy curtailment solution. That’s something NRG Curtailment Solutions/DER is poised to deliver with a robust system designed to bring all the moving parts of an energy reduction plan into fruition.

To learn more about NRGCS/DER and a curtailment solution for your business, read more now.

Mike Nowak | NRG Energy